What % Tint Should I Get?

That, my friend, is for you to decide.  We have samples on hand for you to take out to your vehicle for comparison.  Hope to see you soon!

Tint Questions 

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Will Window Tint Protect My Interior?

Absolutely! Vehicle interiors fade and crack largely because of UV (Ultraviolet) light.  All of the window tint that is installed at  Creative Cut Designs rejects nearly all UV light.  This means that your interior will stay bright and last longer all while protecting your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

I Can Buy Window Film For $29 At the Local Auto Parts Store.  Why Should I Pay A Store To Tint My Vehicle?

Great question with 2 equally great reasons why you should leave it to a professional.  First of all, like everything else, all window tint is not created equally.  Creative Cut Designs uses only top quality window tint which, typically is more expensive than the tint offered at most auto parts stores.  This is why we are able to offer the kind of warranty mentioned above.  Secondly, tinting is hard!  Some might call it an art! It takes a special talent that most to not have.  One of the primary reason that people get tint is to enhance the appearance. The last thing that you want is a blotchy, bubbled end product because you let your neighbor/friend/cousin/classmate do the installation.

Why Do The Times Vary with Each Car? Other Shops Told Me It Only Takes 1 or 2 Hours.

this depends on the type of vehicle as well as how many windows. but most importantly, When we tint your vehicle, we don’t simply slap on some film and call it a day.  First, your vehicle is checked in with a workorder. Then the glass is cleaned thoroughly inside and out. After that the tint is rough cut, heated and formed to the shape of the glass.  Finally, it is trimmed and applied to the inside of the glass.  Once all the work is done, the installer and one other staff member must look over the work to make sure there are no issues with the job.  Once these 2 people sign off on the work, you are called and told that your vehicle is ready.  All this takes time and we don’t rush our work.  If we need to stay late, we do.   So you really need to ask yourself if getting your car back in 1 hour is worth the potential of rushed, inferior work. 

Why Do My Windows Look Foggy Immediately after Tinting?

Window tint is applied to glass that has been sprayed with a special liquid.  This allows that tint to be moved around and positioned properly.  Once in place, the film is squeegeed  extensively to remove as much of this moisture as possible but some is ALWAYS left behind.  This is what you see in the glass when you pick up your vehicle.  Over time (usually 1-2 weeks), this will evaporate as the tint cures to the glass.

Does Creative Cut Designs Offer A Warranty on Tint?

Solar Gard Film is guaranteed against cracking, fading, peeling, bubbling and turning purple for as long as you own your vehicle.  Should you ever have an issue, Call the number on the back of the warranty paperwork we provid at the time of pay and they will sned you to the nearest dealer. We do however cover the 1st (30)thirty days. just bring the car in and  allow us to look it over.  If we cannot fix it, we will redo it. We do not cover damage to tint cause by improper cleaning, scratches, pets, etc.

My SUV Has Factory Tint On That Back Windows.  Can You Tint The Front 2 To Match the Back?

Absolutely!  We do this all the time. But We Must Inform you by law the Percentage you chose Might not be the legal Limit.  And while is may not be a 100% perfect match, we can get it very close.  The final product is always stunning!

Why Do I Have To Wait To Roll Down My Windows After They Are Tinted?

 There is a thin barrier of moisture between the glass and the film when the installation is completed.  This evaporates as the tint cures to the glass.  Rolling the windows down prematurely can cause the tint to buckle or peel.  The amount of time required before you can roll the windows down varies depending upon the weather.  If the humidity is low and the sun is shining, it make only take a few days.  During overcast, rainy times, it could be as long as 2 weeks.

​​Will You Come To My Home Or Work To Tint My Vehicle?

Trust me.  This is not what you want if a top quality job is your priority.  Creative Cut Designs only Tints Windows in our location..  This is the way it should be and the way that you will get the best quality job.  Our tint work is done inside a clean, air-conditioned facility.  We have complete control over quality.  We don’t worry about wind blowing debris on the tint only to show up a week later when the tint dries.  We also don’t rush the job because it is 100 degrees out and we are toasting away in your driveway.  We understand that there is a certain level of convenience offered by “Mobile Tinters” but we feel that the ending quality far outweighs the time needed to drop off and pick up your vehicle.